Sauna and wellness

The human body needs a human touch and this we lack thanks to the busy time of our everyday lives. A relaxed body is more active and it allows us to reach our daily targets with more peace. Keep yourself and your health in a great condition! We offer only private wellness.

Massage offer

60/90-minute Lava stone massage
30-minute Reflexology foot massage
45/80-minute Sports massage
30/60/90-minute Relaxing massage           
30/60-minute Hawaiian massage        
45 minute Honey massage
60 minutes in sauna and whirlpool         

NEW: Cupping     

1.290 CZK / 1.490 CZK
690 CZK 
990 CZK (back) / 1.390 CZK (intensive)
690 CZK / 990 CZK / 1.390 CZK
790 CZK (back) / 1.090 CZK (legs and back)
990 CZK 
490 CZK (max. 4 people)

690 CZK / 990 CZK

Note: it is necessary to book the massages in advance, we will try to arrange them according to the capabilities of the masseurs and to your full satisfaction.

For more information, please, contact our front desk via telephone  +420 317 700 825 or send us an email to

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