Rooms and suites

Rooms in the oasis of calm

In your room, in each of the five houses, you will feel like at home. You do not have to search it by its number, you will remember its location immediately. Each of the rooms will surprise you with its unique, unrepeatable and unmistakable milieu, thanks to the space variety, use of various materials and colourfulness of the interior. Each of the rooms has a specific shape and character, those in the historical buildings are furnished with design refurbished wardrobes and tables.

A specific element of the building is the use of material in natural surface finish, which is not covered by topcoat or painting. The projects of the building and of the interiors are a common workpiece of architects Ladislav Lábus, Jiří Poláček and Václav Škarda.You can choose your room from 27 hotel rooms, including two family suites and one luxurious Atelier Suite. The rooms are located in three buildings, which are connected to one another.

Superior room

  • size: 20 m²

  • view: town centre/hotel courtyard

All our 20 superior rooms with 26 m² offer a full equipment to our guests. The rooms are situated in all three buildings and most of them dispose of a romantic view of the town. Design of all the rooms is tasteful and is in compliance with the whole hotel’s philosophy - simplicity and usefulness of the space and a harmonious blending of the exteriors with the interior. Some of the rooms from this category dispose of a private entrance to the adjoining garden.

Deluxe room

  • size: 25 m²

  • view: Town centre/hotel courtyard

Family Suite

  • size: 20-35 m²

  • view: Town centre/hotel courtyard

Luxurious Atelier Suite

  • size: 45 m²

  • view: Historical part of the town

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